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Hostlegends Reviews

Hear what our customers have to say about Hostlegends

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Very good price and service ratio and a very fast support to help with all issues. Thank you very much for such a good service.

Alexander Wussler

So far, I have a solid hosting package which I'm delighted with and every little niggle I had has been ironed out by their very responsive support!

Andy Cocker

Host Legends is an excellent web hosting company, loaded with many options to choose from for your web business. They are very responsive when it comes to support, top-notch and helpful. I am very happy with their services and highly recommend them!


They're serving a great value and especially their support is top-notch. Their prices are competitive and hopefully they'll stay that way. I highly recommend them for web hosting!

Mustafa Kemal Calik

HostLegends is fantastic! They're reliable, fast, and their support is top-notch. The control panel is easy to use, and their prices are competitive. Plus, they take security seriously and back up your site regularly. I highly recommend them for web hosting!

Ricky Marsh

I've had MANY hosting companies over the years, but this hosting company is my last! Their pricing is unbeatable and their customer service is 2nd to none. Very responsive to any issues I've had. I started with a shared server and then upgraded to a VPS. They made everything seemless! If you're looking for an affordable, solid hosting company, check them out!

Scott Auten

Several days ago I noticed that my site was slow loading.After I checked for malware and updated plugins.I contacted Hostledgens support about the problem.I got a response back in less than 2 hours.
They informed me they were moving me to a new server.Which to my delight solved the issue.


After I puchased my hosting, I didn't do anything with it for several months. So my account was inactive for several months, I had forgotten how to do a few things. With the great help from customer service, my issues were fixed quickly. The best part to me was they fixed my issue and explained how I can fix it if it came up again.

Marcia M

Fast response to my ticket. Top service, highly recommended.

The problem was good explained, and solved.

Benjamin Reniers

Their customer service is very good. They respond in a timely manner.

lindah mavave

A couple of days ago, I was unable to get an SSL/TSL certificate so I wrote to support.

Support was very responsive and able to solve my issue.

Vincent Siew

They understand your need and are resolved to help you. Thanks a lot.

Miguel Angel Rivas

The Host Legends personnel that I encountered were extremely polite and helped me resolve my dilemma. They are very knowledgeable about their field.
I have dealt with several different hosting companies over a period of years. For those individuals who want a more hands-on approach to controlling their companies, look no further than Host Legends.

Lilly Land

I have dealt with other companies that provide domain hosting services and this is by far the best company for communicating with the techs that need to help you with all of your needs. There is a quick response time, and it leads resolution of whatever issue you may be experiencing. I really enjoy working with these guys, any problem that you may have is not too big or small.

Real Hulk Entertainment LLC

I've just moved hosting providers to Host Legends. Moving hosting providers is a daunting task and so many things can slip through the cracks. The HostLegend support team held my hand every step of the way, were patient and super helpful. Mission accomplished!

Gilda De Araujo

Last Sunday I noticed that there were problems with the speed of my website. It was extremely slow. Loading a site took more than 1 minute. I contacted the support and the guys notwithstanding it was weekend. They tried to help me and look for a solution. In the end they connected me A.S.A.P. to a better server with very good results. Hereby I thank the support services of "hostlegends " for the good and fast service which I really appreciate. Thank you.

Ecommerce Belgium

I have used probably at least a dozen hosting services over the last 10 years, but this one is the best combination of services of all I have used. Don't be put off by the low price. As far as I know, they don't have a chat support option - all is done via email. In my experience, their email replies are so much better/more likely to solve a problem than from a chat service. So maybe you have to wait a bit longer for a response, but they do normally get the problem solved the first time, so that is not a problem for me.

Steve Last

Wir waren lange am überlegen, ja oder nein, aber letztendlich alles richtig gemacht. Mega durchdachtes Portal, alles vorhanden was der Markt hergibt. Dazu ein unschlagbares Preis Leistungs-Verhältnis und einen sensationellen Support. Für uns ganz klar Fünf ***** mit Plus so macht Hosting Spaß.

HostLegends Hosting 2.0 RESPECT!!!!
We thought about it for a long time, yes or no, but in the end we did everything right. Mega well thought-out portal, everything is available what the market has to offer. In addition, an unbeatable price-performance ratio and sensational support. For us it's clear Five ***** with Plus, hosting is fun.

Dirk Gardner

Hostlegends Support, worked hard to resolve my issues and came up with a resolution that worked fantastically. Well done team!

Joe Tarawhiti

I had gotten used to bad hosting service, until Host legend showed me, what it is to have a great hosting service and a tech team that is on top.I don't have too many issues, But when I do, I don't sweat, cause they take care of any & all issues that may arise.

Jonathan Parrish

Very good service. Always helping with everything. Very quick response time. I recommend for everyone!

Support Iranet

I moved w
domains over to Hostlegends, and it was a breeze. The customer support is first class. Any issues I have had have been resolved quickly. I was very skeptical about HostLegends, but wow, I am super impressed the tech team are legends

Jackie Johnston

I'm very impressed with the customer service at Hostlegends. I have been going back and forth with GoDaddy and it was very frustrating. Logan at Hostlegends was able to resolve my issues quickly and efficiently.

Quality Graphix

Host Legends VPS service compared to my previous hosting is exceptional the loading speed difference of my websites is very fast.The customer service and speed of response cannot be faulted.

Roy Miller

Excellent service and overall their support model is great and the support person was courteous to respond to all my queries.

Sridhar Kethandapatti

I do a lot of testing and moving things around. Anytime I’ve run into an issue, they’ve always been able to sort it out.


Technically difficult website transfers from another uncooperative hosting service to HostLegends, performed excellently. Now that I have regained full control of my websites, I can proceed to make them productive digital assets. 10 stars for HostLegends!

Marcus Haug

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